The End of The Internet
this mobile device simulates a situation when, for one or another reason, the world loses its internet connectivity. the familiar infrastructure of public wireless (wifi) networks still remains working, but the actual website addresses and URLs become utterly broken.
all hyperlinks lead to the only webpage that remains functional,
- "Welcome to The End of The Internet", it says.
on the page former internet users can leave their comments..
'the-end-of-the-internet' is a situationist intervention and disruption of our internet-dependent, information-defined social environment.
search for an alternative to the internet starts with a simulation of its extinction.
the device is faking any wireless network (802.11 beacon frame replication) that someone in the vicinity tries to connect to. the tactic is rather simple - every time a device (laptop, smartphone) searches for its 'home' network it is sending out so called 'beacons' (beacon frames) that carry the name of that network (ESSID). The End of The Internet device captures those beacons, decodes ESSID and creates a matching networks on the fly..
most modern computer operating systems are vulnerable to this trick and connect to the fake wireless network immediately.
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The End of The Internet, 2009 by Danja Vasiliev is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.
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