• "Redbox" is one of my attempts to show how easily Internet-content (web-pages, textual and visual information) can be faked or substituted. Furthermore - it can be all done on the fly and be completely unnoticeable and transparent for the user. The essence of the "Redbox" is that it is simply a hack. In semi-geek speak, it is a proxy server that other computers use to connect to the Internet with but instead of just "caching" the pages "Redbox" alters the contents.
  • Each requested web-page on its way from the server to the client computer passes trough html "grinder" that by swapping colors, dimensions and shapes of the objects (pictures, text, etc) turns pages into computer-compiled "trash-art". This technique of digital graffiti could swap out words and images, and has the potential to change entire meanings of web pages on a mass scale.
  • Using this tool executing subversive activity also has the potential to be a very dangerous tool for internet jamming and information terrorism. Just imagine what kind of trouble could such device cause being placed somewhere near by the "roots" of the Internet, tuned to filter and modify content from all, let's say, news sites? Reports about successful Mars landings would say opposite, war reports would tell us about insane amount of casualties, financial information would indicate world's economy collapse. We used to believe the written word, we take it for granted, and in the case with the Internet, the "source-of-sources" - we couldn't really figure out the truth - TV, radio, news papers - most of information today is gathered through the global network.
"Redbox" installation
BBC.CO.UK page after passing through "Redbox"
"Redbox" close-up
inside "Redbox". two network interfaces can be seen
"Redbox" was exhibited at:
  • art-space "Planetart", Enschede, Netherlands 2006
  • "EMAF", Osnabrueck, Germany 2006

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"Redbox", 2005 by Danja Vasiliev is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.
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