get local shell "in world" linux console inside QWAQ's grid.

the trick is based on the ability of Firefox to call external
applications to open some types of files (PDF, SWF, etc).
here we substitute PDF helper.
first - 'unzip' executable xterm binary from a downloaded blob,
second - use 'xterm' binary as PDF helper which gives a completely
usable Linux terminal.

no casualties, xterm binary drop-in is amazing.

1. compress your ubuntu xterm with zip ( tar will not work as it needs arguments to decompress) ===
#~ cp /usr/bin/xterm . ; zip xterm
2. rename zip archive to xterm.pdf ===
#~ mv xterm.pdf
3. set QWAQ's firefox 'download actions' for PDF to /usr/bin/unzip
4. fetch the file (xterm.pdf) via QWAQ's firefox (used
5. open xterm.pdf and get xterm executable file in your home (!! can be seen by browsing to your homedir)
6. change QWAQ's firefox 'download actions' for PDF as ~/xterm
7. open downloaded xterm.pdf again, and enjoy running xterm!

from the inside ;)
(and don't try to run the f0rkb0mb, keep peace!)

QWAQ is a multi-user collaborative metaverse platform
based on the developments of "Croquet project".

disclaimer: this is purely educational hack
(it's not even a hack, it's an act of "software actionism"!).