data playback station

Dataj is a prototype of a 'raw data playback' machine; it allows to playback computer hard disks drives (HDD) as if those were LPs or CDs - in a familiar, DJ-like way.

Old (used) hard-disk is a rich source of any kind of data. Regardless what is currently on the disk much of the previously stored information is still represented as magnetic data records. All of that data can be read off and rendered as image and sound.
The hard drives (or the raw data-flows) can be 'scratched', 'beat-matched' (bit-matched??) and reversed.

In this video the larger hard-disk is used as a controller (rotary encoder) while the data is being read off the smaller hard-disk attached to the system using 'PATA-USB' interface.

Dataj was conceptualized during 'Data Carving' workshop at xxxxx, Berlin
in collaboration with Gordan Savicic, Brendan Howell and myself.


<-- Download Dataj scripts (Python)